Member Information

Member Check List

1.  Be sure to register for PIP.  REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 20TH.

2.  Reserve your hotel room.  Call the hotel directly for CPHC rate.

3.  Donate items for the basket raffle and silent auction.

A major source of revenue during the event is the prize basket raffle.  This year we will have a silent auction as well, in order to try to raise more money for our larger donated items.  The prizes to be raffled/auctioned off are made up of items donated by club members and others from the community (businesses, friends, etc.).  This year we hope to have around 40 baskets included in the raffle along with the silent auction items.  We group, package and display these items in order to generate as much interest (hence, ticket sales and revenue) as possible.  The baskets are raffled off in a drop-style raffle, which means a guest may buy any number of tickets and drop them into the bag associated with the basket(s) they want to win.

Large or small, any donation is worthwhile.  Examples:

Liquor Bar Signs/Decor Jewelry
Wine Tropical Signs/Decor Stickers
Beer Sports Memorabilia Notepads
Drink Mixes Event Tickets Key Chains
Bar Accessories Gift Cards Bottle Openers
Glasses (shot, margarita, wine) Beach Towels Candles
CD's Toys Coasters
DVD's Koozies Boating Trip
Books T-shirts Overnight hotel/condo stay
Coolers Hats Baskets & wrapping supplies

All member donations must be turned in by the March club meeting on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

4.  Solicit donations and sponsorships from local businesses.

Along with any personal donations, please solicit donations and sponsorships from local businesses.  All donors and sponsors will be recognized in the event program and many businesses are happy to help a charitable cause in return for the “good citizen” publicity the recognition provides.

Download the cover letter and personalize it for the donor/sponsor, the date, and your contact information.  Text to be personalized is indicated in red.


<<  Click on image to download letter.



Then either print and deliver or email it to the potential donor/sponsor along with the two donor/sponsor information sheets.


<<  Click on image to download donor/sponsor info sheets.



You should have a total of 3 sheets for each potential donor/sponsor that you are contacting.

Sponsorship levels and benefits are outlined on the information sheets which can be downloaded above as well as on the "Be A Sponsor!" page of this website.

All donations and sponsorships received by Saturday, March 21st, 2015 will be recognized in the event program.

5.  Volunteer to work at the event.

Positions include:

Selling basket raffle tickets

Selling 50-50 raffle tickets

Registering and checking in guests

Decorating for the event (From 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday)

Taking down decorations

Basket making (sessions are held in the weeks before the party)

Basket transportation to the event

Basket security during the event

Running the basket raffle (drawing winning tickets, posting numbers, distributing baskets)

And more!

Sign up for your shift by the March club meeting.